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Do I actually practice? Hey, I can neither confirm nor deny. As a professor, I am steeped in the tradition of frequent seminars and the imperative to create new knowledge. I viewed it as a bargain with society: We would be free to play, and society would ultimately benefit. In principle, this means that university departments must be open to new ideas, must constantly upgrade their knowledge, and must work hard to ensure that the knowledge gets passed on to new minds.

In practice, I have seen the crush of business in the university impede the development and exchange of new ideas. I have seen departmental seminars devolve to become recruiting and propaganda vehicles. I have seen supposedly eager doctoral students sit mute and never question a guest speaker.

I have rarely seen seminars in which unproven, experimental ideas are discussed energetically. Surprisingly, what I found in my corner of the NSA was a much closer approximation to the academic ideal. I was amazed at the level of intellectual activity in the Math Research organization. Not only the interns but also senior staff would enroll in specialized short courses. There is a standing weekly statistics seminar. All this stimulating intellectual activity does come with some restrictions generated by the need for secrecy.

One of my problems with transitioning from outside to inside was that I had a bad habit of wanting to ask that same forbidden question on the inside.

Especially at the beginning of the sabbatical year, this habit created a problem. It was especially bad if I really forgot myself and asked the question out loud in a public space like a corridor.

Indeed, it is generally not a good idea to ask such a question even behind locked doors. Not everybody has the necessary clearances and, even if they do, they may still not have the need-to-know. Everyone I worked with had at least a top-secret security clearance. But since the Snowden affair, newspapers have reported that over one million Americans have top-secret clearances.

Nevertheless, it is still not OK to talk to just anyone about just anything, because there are further restrictions. Apparently, it was also a hospitable environment for ex-professors. I was struck by how many of my colleagues had been academics in an earlier life. I was also struck by how many of them were bitter about their years in academia.

Working at NSA, there is an immediacy to the sense of mission that is difficult to reproduce in academia. If nothing else, NSA works on problems of high national importance. If I needed a break at lunch, I could read a few stories and get re-motivated.

At the same time, I would often come away depressed and discouraged by the unrelenting flow of stories about attacks, threats, weaknesses and dire possibilities. It is so easy to go merrily through the day on the outside and, even watching the nightly news, never understand the full dimensions of the threat matrix.

Since I grew up during the height depth? Rosie was the secretary in the office that handled the sabbatical program. Rosie herself is an interesting story.

She spent a full career at NSA, and during that time she burrowed in very deeply. Some people know that the comedian Wanda Sykes had at one point worked in a clerical capacity at NSA, and she may be the most visible black alumna of the Agency. But Rosie stayed in a long time, and I noticed that she was a key member of a large circle of black women who probably ran the Agency behind the scenes.

In general, my impression is that the troops fell on both extremes of the spectrum of passion for the work. At the opposite end on the passion scale, other troops felt a deep personal connection to what was happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, either because they had been there, they were going to deploy there, their buddies were already there, or all of the above.

Earlier, I mentioned the multitude of seminars in Math Research. There were also agency-wide seminars, which I tried to attend whenever there was a hope of expanding my sense of the big picture. One I will never forget was given by a Marine major on the subject of defeating the IEDs that were the major source of our casualties in the two wars. Never have I seen such controlled but intense passion in any seminar on any subject in any venue. NSA is part of the Department of Defense.

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Therefore, I got to run “embarrassingly parallel” computing jobs on the In principle, this means that university departments must be open to new ideas, must and guided me through the intake process (escort through the maze, photograph. What is escort service? Escort service is mainly about hiring a person according to choice and availability for socializing with the person and taking the. fication control system of the Army Security Agency and the Naval Security Station and an escort and other necessary . NSA badges during all times of' such employment o~ duty 1t will be accomplished by means of NSA Form No. 4.