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Yet I was happier here than anywhere in the entire world. I have had nine children, all vain, and jealous and at loggerheads with each other. And look at me! A fat, lame, impotent, silly old woman. What is the point, Abdul? A bdul is played by Bollywood star Ali Fazal, alongside a stellar theatrical cast: Kidron and Frears headed to India to find Fazal. Frears instructed him to watch Peter Sellers in Being There as a reference. Was it friendship, or maternal?

T here was no evidence that their relationship was sexual, but there was a romantic element to it. According to Frears, Victoria liked to be held: O ne of the best things about the film is the glorious sets. The court routine would be for the Queen and the Royal household to spend the late summer in Scotland, at Balmoral, then return to Windsor for the autumn, and move to Osborne House on the Isle of Wight for the winter and Christmas, then back to Windsor in February.

In the spring there would be a European sojourn — Florence, say, or Nice. The film was shot in India and the UK. Windsor and Balmoral were recreated at Greenwich, Belvoir Castle and Knebworth, but the biggest coup occurred when the film-makers were granted permission to film at Osborne House , which has never happened before. It added a whole new dimension to the film, and the actors were elated to be there. D uring filming, visitors to the house were treated to an occasional glimpse of Queen Victoria, or Bertie, which must have been surreal.

They must have thought they had stumbled across a historical re-enactment, or an amateur pageant, except the actors were Judi Dench and Eddie Izzard, who had nipped down to the Durbar Room in full costume just to have a look. He relished walking to the set from his hotel every day, taking the old chain ferry and striding up the hill to the unit base in the grounds of Osborne House. It was such a great way to get into character. Alan Macdonald, who worked with Frears on The Queen and several other of his films, was the production designer.

Finding the location is a challenge, as is finding the furniture, or building a garden in Hampshire — but the real challenge is in creating this sort of jigsaw puzzle, putting all these pieces together, and reflecting some kind of psychological aspect of the story.

English Heritage was happy to comply, because of the obvious benefits it will reap from tourism. But there were restrictions. Some of the furniture was very delicate, says Macdonald. Too delicate to sit on. A car pulled up during the filming, the door opened and a high-heeled boot poked out. He looks like Bertie. How did his casting come about?

It was the casting director who suggested him, and Frears went to watch him do stand-up. But he was the only one who could tell her to f— off really. So you can see that Bertie would be pissed off. I zzard gained 26lb to play the part, and was given a beard and a cane. He relished working with Frears and was already a friend of Dench, who often goes to see his stand-up shows. Accordingly, he arranged a show to take place in the Isle of Wight during filming, to entertain all the other actors and raise money for charity.

Where I grew up, in Bexhill-on-Sea, the circus never came to town. Dench attended this event, and it was if the Queen herself had arrived, says Macdonald. I t sounds like a very entertaining film to work on. The principal members of the cast stayed in a small hotel with 12 rooms. There was much playing of Scrabble and other games.

And Dench made them all watch University Challenge. She looks after everybody. Luckily for her, the mortifying tradition of the court coming to peer at the royal couple when they first climbed into the same bed had gone out of fashion with George III. She was also lucky in that Albert seems to have been a competent, tender lover. Her elation was palpable in her journal entry:. He clasped me in his arms, and we kissed each other again and again!

His beauty, his sweetness and gentleness,—really how can I ever be thankful enough to have such a Husband! This was the happiest day of my life! It was a kind of lustful enchantment. I feel a purer more unearthly feel than I ever did. He slid into bed next to her, kissing her over and over; they fell asleep with arms entwined. Historians have long acknowledged that Victoria had a high libido—some have implied she was some kind of sexual predator who devoured a tolerant but exhausted husband.

She was undoubtedly extremely passionate, the fact of which clashes with the strong associations Victoria often carries of dour old age and puritanical condemnation. Start and finish your day with the top stories from The Daily Beast.

A speedy, smart summary of all the news you need to know and nothing you don't. In the nineteenth century, it was assumed that women with strong libidos were pathological: Some were given clitoridectomies or had leeches placed on their perineums. Others were told to abstain from meat and brandy, use hair pillows, douche with borax, have cold enemas, or adhere to strict vegetable diets.

In , a doctor reported that the most likely candidates for nymphomania were virgins, widows, or women with blond hair aged sixteen to twenty-five. Projection was prevalent in the Victorian medical profession. Most female illnesses were thought to derive from troublesome pelvic organs.

The greatest sources of knowledge about the female organs were assumed to be male gynecologists, which made the bodies of women a secret even, or perhaps especially, to themselves. The Medical Registration Act specifically excluded women from becoming qualified doctors. Sex education for girls was unthinkable. British doctor and author of books on masturbation William Acton even argued that some married couples were so ill informed that their marriages were never consummated.

You cannot help but feel some sympathy for Dr. In , Robert Tait wrote:. The majority of women enter the married state with but a very hazy notion of what its functions are… there is a false modesty on these subjects ingrained in our English life which has to be paid for in much suffering amongst women.

For many married women, sex was a chore, not something to be enjoyed. Albert did not record his views on sex, but it is clear that he satisfied his wife.

And he certainly admired her, writing to his brother approvingly about her oft-praised bosom. Despite the intensity and obvious physicality of his relationship with Victoria, who was certain she was the only woman to whom Albert had ever made love, there has been some speculation that Albert was gay. Albert loved his wife, but socially and intellectually he preferred male company. While he did not enjoy the after-dinner port drinking and male banter that were then the custom— usually leaving to play chess alone or sing duets with Victoria—his closest friendships were with men.

There is no evidence that Albert had a physical relationship with a man, but many have suspected he did. Lytton Strachey stated that Albert did not take after his cheating father for two possible reasons: His intense attachment to his tutor is unsurprising, given the absence of his mother.

Some have also pointed to the strong culture of homoeroticism at many male colleges such as those that comprised Oxford and Cambridge and public schools such as Eton in the nineteenth century, and there is no reason to think Bonn would be exempt. Intimate behaviors—passionate declarations of love, sharing of beds, and kissing—that today would be called homosexual did not attract a label.

He and Victoria had an intimate and satisfying marriage, and Victoria was the chief protector and creator of the memory of Albert. No one seriously gossiped about it while he was alive, at a time when homosexuality was not considered an identity but something people occasionally dabbled in, often as teenagers and young men and women.

According to Michel Foucault, the beginning of the categorization of homosexuality as an identity did not come until And ultimately, the fact that Albert did not ogle or admire other women was one of the things Victoria loved most about her husband. It made her feel secure, protected. It was also excellent revenge on the popular, pretentious society women who circled the royal court.

It was a stupid thing to say, and Victoria fumed:

And Dench made them all watch University Challenge. Cheat Sheet A speedy, smart summary of all the news you need to know and nothing you don't. Which is weirder; that the Prince Regent is naked in the ocean, or that nobody else is? He and Victoria had an intimate and satisfying marriage, and Victoria was the chief protector and creator of the memory of Albert. But he was the only one who could tell her to f— off really. She rolled onto her side and looked at her husband as his fingers glided along the piano keys, playing one of his own compositions. But there were restrictions.